Angela Ng, Proud Mum of Xavier Swee

Started my boy for the piano lesson 1 year ago and found that this new method of piano learning and teaching makes the lessons very fun and enjoyable. It triggers the motivation and interest in music for young kids as they learn through interactive playing.

My son loves and always looking forward to attending his weekly piano lesson. Regular updates on his progress and videos in class are sent to me. It made my boy feel motivated and happy as he get to see his own piano playing after the lesson. Both teachers, Ms Wong and Ms Lee, are very Dedicated, Patient and Encouraging. Thumbs Up!

Xavier plays “Sun Rise”, on a Sunday Morning!

From Joanne Lee

Had an enjoyable piano and arts class at Yours Sempre Music 😊 with our 2 kiddos. The Teachers were friendly, patient and very professional.

The arts and craft lessons were very interesting and the kids acquired skills in painting, drawing. The arts Teacher uses an approach which encourages the kids to use their creativity.

The piano is equipped with the state of arts facilities and the piano is integrated with smart piano programme. Parents could also download the app to practise their kids.

We definitely recommend Yours Sempre music school to all our friends. Thank you!

From Sylvia Liew, Shanice Chuah’s mother

My daughter has been with Your Sempre Music with Teacher Ms Wong & Miss Lee for few mths and it has been a fantastic musical journey💕

Thumbs up 👍to Teachers for their dedication, love, patience and discipline! Highly recommended to all parents !!

From Judy Ng, Melody Lim’s Mother

My daughter has been with the school for coming to two months. It is her first time taking music lessons and she enjoys her classes a lot.

Ms Wong and Miss Lee are patient teachers, and make the lessons interactive and fun for the young children.

I appreciate the photos and videos taken of their lessons, as not only do I feel involved, my girl also feels motivated and happy to see her class performance.

Thank you, teachers!

From Ng Li Xuan, Melody Lee’s Mother

The piano classes was made fun and the motto of learning through play is indeed applied for young kids to pick up interest in music! The innovative “The ONE app” is really cool and new in the market. It takes load off from me to monitor the kids practice!

Highly recommended to all parents! Teachers are really patient and nice! Thank you!

From Elaine, mother of Tan Jaymie

My daughter started taking piano lessons from Ms. Wong when she was just 7 years old. At that time, she was a very shy and quiet girl. Throughout the past 4 years, I have see my daughter’s interest in music grew under the guidance of Ms. Wong. What amazed me was that my shy daughter was even willing to participate in Piano Competitions and to perform on stage in front of spectators.

In the recent 2020 Singapore International Piano Competition, she was able to perform confidently during the finals. Not only did my daughter improve in her skills, but as a person I have seen her grow.

Thanks Ms Wong for your guidance and I can say that Jaymie really look forward to her Piano Lessons every week.

From Elaine, Jaymie’s mum!

Denise Ong

Ms Wong is a very patient and encouraging teacher. Under her guidance, i was able to complete my ABRSM Grade 8 (both Theory and Practical) as well as explore new piano pieces. She is knowledgeable in her field and will not hesitate to clarify any doubts or stretch us in terms of our techniques. Her lessons are also tailored to every students’ learning speed.

Moreover, I was able to participate in a few Piano Competitions as well as Piano Recitals, as both a performer and emcee.

Highly recommend being a student of Your Sempre Music!

Casey Tan

I have been a student of Miss Wong for about 10 – 11 years now. My previous experience from learning the piano hasn’t been the best and had left some unpleasant memories. However, being a student of Miss Wong had rekindled my interest for the piano.

Miss Wong had rekindled my interest for the piano. She has been the kindest and the most patient teacher I ever known. She is able to discern students’ strengths and weaknesses very well which allows her to find the most suitable approach to teaching her students.

She incorporates theory with practicals, which means you will be able to understand the piece you are playing. Miss Wong’s lessons taught me that playing a piece is more than just playing the correct notes, articulation and dynamics matters too.

I am confident that anyone hoping to learn the piano or music in general will find your time with Miss Wong extremely worthwhile.

Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

Fantastic teacher, brings the best out of her students through encouragement. Arranges performances to ensure students gets on-stage exposure.