Specializing in Music Playing and Performance, we provide the following programs suitable for 4 years old to Adults who are interested in music!

Individual Piano Lessons

Practical and Theory Classes for Piano from Grade One to Grade Eight in compliance with ABRSM Examination Syllabus. Individual lessons gives the benefit of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every students so that the lessons can be tailor made for better achievements.

Group Piano Lessons

Practical and Theory lessons. Adopting methods from ‘The ONE Smart Piano Classroom’, it focuses on Piano skill, Musical theory, Singing, Music Appreciation, Music Movements, Social work in the class, and allows every kid to enjoy piano and music.

Step thru our door into The ONE Smart Piano Classroom for a whole new experience

Adult Piano Courses

For Music Enthusiasts, regardless of age or grades, to learn and enjoy music without examination stresses. Anyone Can Play The Piano!

Relax and Soothing performance by Shriram

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