Art Course

Art for Anyone, Everyone!

Join us to learn all about different types of drawing methods and uses of mediums, but most importantly, the enjoyment and satisfaction of producing your very own art piece.

Academic Art for Children (Foundation – Intermediate – Advance)

Starting from basics, students will be exposed to various drawing techniques and uses of different mediums for their artwork. This will include sketching, coloring, shading, painting, canvas and more. Free style drawings to enhance creativity for students

Art for Adults

Who says only children can draw.. Adults can take up a course with us to learn….how to de-stress. Transform your work stress into an art piece. End of the day, not only are you more relaxed, you become an artist too!

Special Art Courses (Comics)

For Anime and Comic lovers, now you can make your own comics, by drawing your own stories into the sketchbooks and start your own series!!!

Everyone is an Artist at Heart!

Classes are conducted in groups of up to 4 students. They will have an interesting and enjoyable time drawing and emerge more artistic.

A picture tells a thousand words!

Paint us a picture today.

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