Your Sempre Music vision is to help individuals explore and discover the Musical Art and Passion in you! It’s yours to keep Forever once you uncovers this hidden talent within.

With our teachers constantly acquiring new musical methodologies, you can be assured to be learning from the best and cultivating the same musical passion.

Tailor-made programmes in Piano, Violin and Art for 4 years old kids to adults, from beginners to experienced.

Started with Piano Courses, we have since included Violin and Art Classes into our school’s curriculum.

This is now ‘THE ONE PLACE’ to hone your Artistic Talents, allowing you to express yourselves through Music or Art…… Or Both!

In partnership with ‘The ONE Smart Piano Classroom‘, our music school offers a whole new experience to learning the piano.

Courtesy of The ONE Music Group

The One Smart Piano Classroom system is integrated with Alfred piano teaching solution, authorized by Alfred Music. Based on the innovative teaching solution, The ONE developed a teaching method in an interesting way.

Review by Hoffman Academy.

Coupling technology with our teachers’ extensive knowledge of traditional and new age teaching methodologies, the term ‘Playing the Piano’ just got better…. You really play the piano to learn music!!!

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