One Year On… and the Musical Journey Continues Together!

One year ago, these kids joined our music school and started learning music using “The ONE Smart Classroom System”, coupled with Rhythm & Movement methodology.

Starting…. November 2019… with all the fun and laughter in the music studio. Kids learn Piano playing, musical theory, singing and music appreciation, but most importantly, enjoyed playing the piano.

October 2020… confidently performs a song from the music book

“Let Us Go Together” performance by Xavier at October 2020

And the Musical Journey continues……………


“Your Sempre Music“ vision is to help individuals explore and discover the Musical Art and Passion in you! It’s yours to keep Forever once you uncovers this hidden talent within. With our teachers constantly acquiring new musical methodologies, you can be assured to be learning from the best and cultivating the same musical passion. Tailor-made programmes for 4 years old kids to adults, from beginners to music enthusiasts, we are confident to share the musical knowledge to all interested.

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