Ms Wong Yoke Siew – Piano Teacher

Ms Wong Yoke Siew is an accomplished Piano Teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience, coupled with professional certifications from ABRSM. Music have always been a passion for her since young and eventually became part of her life.

After getting her professional certifications, Yoke Siew continue to learn more about music. She emphasizes on life-long learning, constantly upgrading in newer music techniques from various musical institutions in Singapore, England, Sweden, Australia, China, Japan and United States. These exposures enables her to better enrich her students’ knowledge in music.

The learning never stops. And not all lessons are in the classrooms.

Her lessons extends beyond the classroom. She brings her students to attend concerts to see other pianists and musicians perform, encourages her students to take part in piano competitions and organizes Piano Concerts for all her students, giving them ‘On-Stage’ experiences while performing in front of their parents and their peers. It helps to boost their confident levels, especially for younger children, in preparations for piano examinations, for any public events or even competitions.

These Piano Concerts, On-Stage or Online, will continue to be part of the lesson plans for the years to come.

Ms Lee Hui Zhen – Piano Teacher

Hui Zhen started her musical journey about 20 years ago, attending lessons from a music school. That was where she met Ms Wong, her piano teacher, who have continuously encouraged her throughout the years. Being inspired by her teacher and enjoying music, Hui Zhen decided to also become a Piano Teacher. With a solid background in music, she started her part-time teaching career with us.

Although Hui Zhen’s career is in another field of work, her passion for teaching started early on, first with academic subjects, following closely with piano lessons. Her experience with children puts her foremost in the position to teach a group of kids in a music class, where fun and learning takes place together, allowing students to enjoy themselves and bring home the musical knowledge. Hui Zhen is passionate about imparting her musical knowledge to all students so that they may also appreciate music.

Mr Ryan – Violin Teacher

Violinist Ryan graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Music, Audio and Technology. During his studies at Singapore Polytechnic, he attained considerable knowledge about recording software and equipment which were used to produce songs and tracks. Coupled with skills such as arrangement, music theory and composition, Ryan created his own music.

Ryan’s musical journey started from a young age of 4 where he first picked up his Violin. In Secondary school, he joined the Chinese Orchestra CCA and learnt to play multiple string instruments like the Erhu, Zhonghu and Gaohu. His passion for music flourished in secondary school. By understanding the saying “Where one could express themselves not only with words, but with music as a universal language that has no barriers”, Ryan have widened his knowledge of music while pursuing his Diploma.

Mr Shawn Toh – Art Teacher

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