Students’ Drawings on postcard sold for charity

A BIG THANK YOU to all our Parents, Students and Teachers for your donations in support of the Children’s Society. Your donations are deeply appreciated. We are pleased to have raised a total of S$875 together!

Donor’s NamesAmount Donated
Your Sempre MusicS$200
Teacher HuiZhenS$20
Teacher ShawnS$10
Teacher RyanS$10
Teacher EthanS$10
Abel HuS$10
Ahmad Syahid Bin Mohamad FazilS$5
Berrie Yeo Jia JiaS$5
Chang Kai ChengS$10
Darius ChanS$50
Foo Jing Chen NathanielS$50
Foo Jing Rui NariusS$50
Isaac TohS$50
Javier WongS$50
Khor LouisS$50
Lee Xi En and Ethan LeeS$50
Liew Hong YiS$20
Matthew ErS$10
Nikko Teo Yong EnS$40
Oliver Chin Song JinS$10
Olivia GanS$5
Shanice ChuahS$15
Sivaramkrishnan ShriramS$10
Thameena PiyathungaS$25
Wang Xu MengS$50
Xavier Swee Ren JieS$40

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