We have just concluded the Year End Concert for 2019 and EVERYONE ARE WINNERS!!! You have all challenged yourselves to perform on stage… and with style. We will do it again in 2020!!! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy all the brilliant performances from the links below…..


Here are some of the songs that was performed…

  1. Feelin’ Spiffy performed by Narius Foo and Ms Wonghttps://youtu.be/blUFlbv4v3s
  2. Prelude in C major performed by Shriramhttps://youtu.be/uCe9_sLvzIM
  3. Lied ohne Worte performed by Brielle Anghttps://youtu.be/68QC_UlumJo
  4. River Flows In You performed by Tan Jaymiehttps://youtu.be/nb3LRSy2w5Y
  5. Gigue performed by Kennis Tanhttps://youtu.be/BLaFjaTlMsg
  6. Rustic Dance performed by Shalini and Ms Wonghttps://youtu.be/gnh41WmAMaQ
  7. Battle of the Stars composed and performed by Nathaniel Foohttps://youtu.be/ZHVtXE35u4I
  8. The Man I Love performed by Jeremy Siahttps://youtu.be/X_zR58wvPrY

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