Music and Painting — Marina Kanavaki

As a musician and painter I’ve always listened to music while painting… never the other way round though. However, this one is about music moving my hand on canvas and although this was not the music I was listening to when I painted this ‘Character’, it may well had been. In this version too, with […]

Music and Painting — Marina Kanavaki

How music and rhythm shape our social brains — One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

A universal sign of motherhood is the lullaby. The world over, mothers sing to their babies, whether Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, their favorite song from the radio, or even random notes. This universality makes the simple lullaby a great window into the human mind. In a new study, cognitive neuroscientists found that lullabies soothe both […]

How music and rhythm shape our social brains — One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

We Are ONLINE!!!

With the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker in effect, our Piano Lessons are now ONLINE!

Piano Lessons conducted and attended in the comfort of our homes!!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Connected….. With Music!!!

Quick conversion of my home’s Study Room into a Music Studio for Online lessons

Lessons using ‘The ONE Smart Piano Classroom’ and ‘Music & Movement Method’

Combining technology with music and movement, fun was all around…

Music and movement to learn music theory
Kids becomes ‘Notes’… moving with the music
Group class… yet individually playing the piano
Playing the piano… literally

Violin lessons added to our portfolio

A Successful 2019 Year End Concert

We have just concluded the Year End Concert for 2019 and EVERYONE ARE WINNERS!!! You have all challenged yourselves to perform on stage… and with style. We will do it again in 2020!!! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy all the brilliant performances from the links below…..


Here are some of the songs that was performed…

  1. Feelin’ Spiffy performed by Narius Foo and Ms Wong
  2. Prelude in C major performed by Shriram
  3. Lied ohne Worte performed by Brielle Ang
  4. River Flows In You performed by Tan Jaymie
  5. Gigue performed by Kennis Tan
  6. Rustic Dance performed by Shalini and Ms Wong
  7. Battle of the Stars composed and performed by Nathaniel Foo
  8. The Man I Love performed by Jeremy Sia

2019 Concert @ OC

We are organising our Year End Concert at Orchard Central on 9th December 2019.